Green Beans Everywhere

by Charity and the JAMband

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I composed this song as part of a project hosted by the Kindie Songwriting Club. Five west-coast songwriters each created a song with the same fan-chosen title -- Green Beans Everywhere (go here to listen to the other folks' songs! ) My first version of the song was a rather silly (yet naturally compelling, esp for my 2 boys) story about a food fight, but I realized I didn't really want to encourage kids with that kind of inspiration so I kept thinking.

I landed on something more serious and contemplative, and a topic that's sometimes difficult to know how to discuss with children -- world hunger. The song tells the story of a child first confronting the concept that not everyone in the world has enough food to eat, and what she decides to do about it. Her vision of a "rainbow garden" from which we all share food is a dream I imagine we all have for every sentient being the world over.

If you're inspired to help after listening to the song, here are FIVE things you can do:

1. Purchase the song for a price of your choosing. I will donate 100% of profits to the San Francisco Food Bank.

2. Donate directly to the San Francisco Food Bank:
For every $1 you donate, the Food Bank can distribute $6 worth of food! And 97% of all donations go directly toward getting food to hungry people. (If you're not from SF, go here to find your local food bank:

3. Make a Food Donation to the SF Food Bank. Info here:

4. Volunteer with the SF Food Bank. This makes for a wonderful all-family activity. Info here:

5. Please pass this song and message onward.


Mama said girl you gotta eat your green beans
grow up big and strong
I said mama I’m already strong and big
what planet are you livin’ on
she said I live on earth and so do you
and not everybody here has enough food
so think about that for a minute or two

so I thought about that for quite some time
and it made me feel kinda blue
and I wanted to help so I snuck a green bean
into the back of my shoe
and after dinner I went out to my yard
and I dug a hole yes I dug really hard
and I put my bean in and covered it with dirt

‘cause I had a dream (dream)
that there’d be green (green)
green beans everywhere
growing in the dirt (dirt)
reaching for the sun (sun)
breathing in the air we share
and the rain would wander down and water them alive

so I sprinkled some water on my bean
and sang it a little love song
and I told my bean a bedtime story
bout growing up big and strong
and I thought about how this wise old earth
was loving my bean right there in the dirt
so it could feed the world some day

then I said good-night to the moon and my bean
and the stars and the dirt and the sky
I went up to bed laid down my head
and closed up my eyes

I had a dream (dream)
that there were green (green)
green beans everywhere
growing in the dirt (dirt)
reaching for the sun (sun)
drinking in the rain (rain)
breathing in the air
and there were red (red)
red cherries (orange)
orange carrots (yellow)
and yellow pears
and there were green (green)
green beans (blue)
blue berries (purple)
purple plums everywhere
there was enough food for everyone to eat

then all the children of the world
held each others' hands
and we danced around the rainbow garden
growing in our land
and we had a picnic under the stars
and we shared our food because it was ours
now think about that for a minute or two


released July 6, 2011



all rights reserved


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